I had a Dream… That’s now becoming a Reality!

I have only shared this previously with family and friends…

Today is the RIGHT day to share this with you wherever you are in the world.

When I was homeless in 2016, I had a dream…

In the dream, I could see myself sitting on the floor on a street with many people passing by. I was not begging. I was just people watching as they walked by and noticed that they were so preoccupied with life they did not see me.

I could see many of these people were unhappy with the pressures and stresses of life. I could see they too had little or no options as they too were doing what they needed to do just to survive. Just to get by that day.

Then, in the dream, a business person approached me and asked… “Do you have a phone?”

I replied “Yes sir, I do!” and sensed in my heart that I knew this kind-hearted business person would have been willing to provide a phone and was checking me out to see if I had the right heart attitude in life. That I was willing to work and to see if I also had a heart of compassion to give, if only I had the opportunity.

The business person then reached out and handed me his business card and said…

“This is a personal invitation for you!”

“If you go on this website and take the steps to register, I will do all I can to help you and then one day you will be in a position to be able to help someone else to do the same!”

Then I heard in my Spirit…

“Stuart, that business person in this dream is You!” 

I have had this dream in my heart for about 7 years as it’s now 2023.

I managed to get some help. I found a place to stay. My son came to live with me. I got a job. I went through bankruptcy, and have been through many bereavements. About 28 years ago, my mum, dad, sister and grandmother all passed away in just four years and my wife Claire after 20 wonderful years together, started suffering with mental health issues, and passed away in November 2018.

With limited resources, I started searching online to find a job I could do with just a phone. I found many, many scams but kept researching hundreds upon hundreds of work from home companies and have found just THREE companies I believe our Brand Ambassadors could promote with their heads held high.

I have watched and listened to almost every webinar over the last four years with every company and today I know I am the person I needed to become for my dream to become a reality and this is the day I KNOW in my heart this dream is now a reality.

Thanks to the three CEOs of these three companies we promote, for not taking life easy but with all their resources and willingness to learn and grow and their do-it-or-die attitude to make a difference in other people’s lives.

This has now MULTIPLED and hope and pray they continue to do so. For anyone who cares for some cause, charity or someone other than themselves when given the RIGHT and BEST opportunities to go on and make a positive, real and lasting difference!

Thanks for reading! I pray God bless you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and anyone else you meet along the way!

As I pray nothing less than GOD’s best for you!

In His LOVE…

Stuart Clark x