SuperOne Game Latest Updates

We have been continuously live with our beta game for about 3,000 hours and completed over 33,500 game rounds with more than 100,000 prizes won. This is a great testimony to our performant technology.

As we are rapidly closing in on the upcoming commercial launch in June, we would like to review the main features we have developed so far this year:

  • Sound effects, music, and animations
  • Pass and Freeze tools (Show in testing)
  • Top six football Super Clubs: Manchester, Liverpool, Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, and Arsenal
  • Revamped wallet
  • Multilanguage with 10 languages (more will follow shortly)
  • New bonus section with detailed breakdowns (in testing)
  • The withdrawal of game winnings will open once the wallet and bonus sections have been fully implemented, tuned, and controlled.

Our marketing partner Goal has developed a tremendous go-to-market strategy, and we are beyond excited about how this will put SuperOne on the global football fans map!

Prior to the commercial launch backed by this massive marketing campaign, we will add these exciting features:

  • Global, regional, and fandom-based leaderboards bringing a whole new competitive element into the game
  • Closer integration with Facebook and other social media for easy sharing and bragging
  • NFT Cards integration with the game
  • Paid tools empowering real-money earnings for everyone
  • These exciting features will complete the first phase of our game offering and enable us to engage millions of football fans and generate substantial revenue this summer.

We are thankful for your continued support; the team is working hard to make our game superior and successful.

Since the launch, we have seen significant improvements to the game, and we continue to implement further improvements and new features as we move forward.

We’re on track for our roadmap to the full release and the end of the public beta and are getting ready for take-off.

Happy playing!

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